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Simon White simon at caperet.com
Thu Dec 4 18:21:16 CET 2003

02-Dec-03 at 13:57, Bruno Gideon (bruno at gideon.net) wrote :
> I have a newsletter that I send out every week to several hundred
> subscribers. It is a closed newsletter (no-one can reply to it). Can I use
> mailman for this purpose? And how much would it cost?

I administer a list with 13,000+ subscribers which is closed - I just
set the list to be fully moderated and refuse any mails that come in
(fairly rare, because people who hit reply are pointed directly to the
original sender of the newsletter). I approve just those postings which
are newsletters.

Mailman is completely free; the program and source code is provided
under the GNU General Public License. See


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