[Mailman-Users] Re: qfiles/in files

Sean Rima sean at tcob1.net
Thu Dec 4 23:25:49 CET 2003

Sean Rima writes:

> There are roughly ten messages in my qfiles/in directory which are around 1 
> hour old. what do I m=need to do to push them.

I removed everything from my qfiles in/out/virgin directories and sent a 
test message, it still flopped in qfiles/in and is not budging

I am using exim with the exiscan acl patch, built from the latest version 
downloade dfrom the mailman site. It is running as mailman/mailman etc. 
Nothing is showing in any log files.

I am at a lose. If it helps, mail is for bluemail at tcob1.net. mailman is 
hosted at mail.tcob1.net and I changed it to use tcob1.net in the global 


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