[Mailman-Users] Set GID ?

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Fri Dec 5 09:30:12 CET 2003

04-Dec-03 at 16:27, Brent Shafer (brent_s at treca.org) wrote :

> I have the set to User: mailman - r,w,e (read, write, execute
> capabilities) Group:  mailman - r,w,e Everybody:  r,w,e

This is not secure. This is not what you are told to do by the
documentation. Setting something to rwx rwx rwx (usually we use x for
execute rather than e, because that's how ls -l displays it...) is
something I have never found necessary. Ever. 

> checking permissions on /usr/local/mailman... configure: error:
> ***** Installation directory /usr/local/mailman is not configured pr
> operly!
> ***** Set-gid bit must be set for directory: /usr/local/mailman
> [mailman at treca mailman-2.1.3]$
> To What am I supposed to set the gid, and how am I supposed to get that 
> accomplished?

/usr/local/mailman should look something like this:

drwxrwsr-x   21 root     mailman 4096 Sep  6 15:41 mailman

This is clear in the documentation:

"Watch out if your site does something like mount /usr/local with the
nosuid option.  This will break Mailman, which relies on set-gid
programs for its security.  If this describes your environment, simply
install Mailman in a location that allows setgid programs.

Make sure the install directory is set to group `mailman' (or whatever
you're going to specify as --with-groupname) and has the setgid bit set
(but see README.BSD if you're on a BSD system).  You probably also want
to guarantee that this directory is readable and executable by everyone.
For example, these shell commands will accomplish this:

     % cd $prefix
     % chgrp mailman .
     % chmod a+rx,g+ws . 


In your case, $prefix can be replaced by /usr/local/mailman, unless /usr
or /usr/local are mounted nosuid.


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