[Mailman-Users] Link to archive in the admin section doesn't work.

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Sun Dec 7 00:40:35 CET 2003

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Don Bonner wrote:
> The link to the Archive in the admin section of the maillists is
> broken.
> http://h64-141-101-185.bigpipeinc.com/pipermail/stlucia_eastbremertonrotary.org/
> is the link  The domain name is: eastbremertonrotayr.org
> The mailman is installed through cpanel.
> If anyone knows what I must be done to the install or files please
> let me know.

You don't say what version of mailman, I'll assume it's 2.1.x.

Tell the hosting company to add eastbremertonrotayr.org as a virtual
host and use the fix_url.py script to correct your list settings.

cPanel mucks up the mailman source and then they don't make that
source available to the community as the GPL requires.  Please
complain to them about this as well.  It's just plain rude and
inconsiderate of them.

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