[Mailman-Users] Debian Back-Port?

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Tue Dec 9 17:26:36 CET 2003

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Raquel Rice wrote:
> Does anyone know of back-ports for Debian.

There's no mailman port here, but in case you want some other
backports for Debian, www.backports.org is helpful.  Perhaps mailman
will show up there at some point.

I've also found a link on www.apt-get.org to a 2.1.3 backport, but the
link doesn't work for me, I think because of the recent compromise of
some of the Debian boxes.

Here's the search results from apt-get.org:


And the URL to 2.1.3 which I can't get to work at the moment:


There is another link to a 2.1.2 backport, which might be new enough
for you if you really want to stick with a deb and don't want to build
your own.

I ended up grabbing the package from unstable and tweaking it a bit
for woody.  After I got it working, I ended up finding that I
preferred to just do an install from the tarball.  The many changes
Debian makes to get mailman to conform to their packaging policies
make most of the RPMS out there look like pristine and faithful
mailman installs. :)

But maybe that's just because I'm not familiar enough with Debian yet.

> I'm setting up a new server and would like a current version of
> Mailman.  However, the current Debian stable version of Mailman is
> 2.0.11.

Yeah, pretty ancient.

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