[Mailman-Users] Recommendation for Mailman hosting company needed

Frank Stewart bearcat77070 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 9 19:19:33 CET 2003

Hello all! 
I'm new to the list, from what I can tell, Mailman has the features I'd like to use in setting up a mailing list for my local congregation - specifically, the topic categories feature. I'm thinking it probably makes most sense right now just to go to a hosting company until I'm sure that the list is going to be useful and people will participate (I'm pretty sure they will). Any recommendations for a good hosting company that knows what they're doing? I'd like to have web pages set up so users can post (and more specifically, select topics via radio buttons rather than using a tag in the subject line). I'm guessing this might be how topics are implemented, but I haven't been able to find where that feature is documented - any pointers? Can you have sub-topics? My list users are likely to not be very technical, so I'm hoping to make things as painless as possible. I would like to avoid giving any business to companies who knowingly provide their services to commercial spammers if at
 all possible. I don't know if this is really pratical, but if I can avoid it, I'd like to, I think of it as doing my part to eliminate spam.
tia for your help,

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