[Mailman-Users] real_name attribute error

vicnoise . vicnoise at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 10 00:54:30 CET 2003

yes I'm actually using Mailman 2.1.2 hosted on a
 site run by cPanel. The thing that makes wonder is
that I have 2 different account on 2 different servers
(different providers) and only on one of them I get
the errors below since on the other one everything is
ok while configuring and running Mailman. I understand
what you say about the licence terms breach but how
can I get them fix this issue? Is it possible that
thay don't understand where the problem is even if I
contacted their helpdesk about this bug?


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> vicnoise . wrote:
> > 1) when I try to edit the 'General Options' I get
> this error
> > message: 'Error: real_name attribute not changed!
> It must differ
> > from the list's name by case only.' even if I
> didn't set any chang
> > at all.
> You haven't given us any details about what version
> of mailman you are
> using, but I can about guarantee that you are using
> it hosted on a
> site run by cPanel.  This is a cPanel created bug
> and you should bitch
> to your provider about it.  While you are at it,
> tell them that
> cPanel's habit of modifying and distributing GPL'd
> software while not
> making their changes available is a breach of the
> license terms.
> If you happen to be able to get them to provide you
> with a link to
> their mailman patches, please post that link here. 
> I've tried
> contacting them to request them but they've never
> responded.
> > 2) When I try to post a message to the list
> created with the error
> > msg as above I get in reply this msg: 'You are not
> allowed to post
> > to this mailing list, and your message has been
> automatically
> > rejected.  If you think that your messages are
> being rejected in
> > error, contact the mailing list owner at
> myemail at address.com
> Are you subscribed to this list in question?  Take a
> look at the
> Membership of the list as well as the setting under
> the Privacy
> section.
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