[Mailman-Users] Admin functions don't.

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Wed Dec 10 21:00:32 CET 2003

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Chris Johnson wrote:
>      I'm running RH7.3, Mailman 2.1-8.  I've looked at the bug list
>      but haven't found anything like this.  
>      Posts are held for various reasons, in my case size issues, too
>      big.  I go to the Web interface at 
>      http://host/mailman/admindb/listname
> for any list.  None of the actions, i.e. Defer, Accept, Reject or
> Discard, seem to work.  There are no errors given.  When I Submit
> All the same status page comes back in its original form.  The held
> messages are still there and never have any action applied as far as
> I can tell.  

OK, here's a wild guess, since no one else has jumped in.

Are you (or whomever is hosting your lists) doing any sort of
redirection with Apache?  That can cause this sort of problem since
the POST data from the form doesn't get redirected.  This is often
caused when trying to redirect things to run over HTTPS, though your
URL indicates plain HTTP.

You might want to look at the HTML source for the admindb page and see
where the form action points and then verify that there is no apache
redirection coming into play for that URL.

But like I said, this is just a guess.

You might also want to see if updating to the latest version of
mailman helps.  If you're using an rpm for 2.1, then you must have
rebuilt it from someplace since Red Hat never shipped 2.1 for RH7.3.

That 2.1-8 for the rpm version and release looks like the revision of
the rpm that was shipped with RH9, which, if you notice in the
archives of this list, was rather broken (to put it mildly, it'd be
more accurate to say that there was a crack party at RH QA the day
they let that one out the door).

There is an updated rpm for RH9 (2.1.1-4) that you could rebuild and
try or you could grab the 2.1.3 tarball and install that the old
fashioned, ./configure && make install way.


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