[Mailman-Users] Spaces in Email Addresses

frank ratty at they.org
Thu Dec 11 18:13:44 CET 2003

I had a similar problem just last week where I had an address with 2 @'s
in it. Actually it was to addresses concatenated but whenever Mailman
displayed the addy it was truncated at the second @.

My final solution was to dump the config:
# bin/config_list -o outfile listname

then dump the userlist:
# bin/list_members listname > outfile2

Here you should munge up outfile2 so it's the proper format for
re-insertion later.

destroy the list (leaving archives in tact):
# bin/rmlist listname

recreate the list (the user and password here mean little because of the
next step):
# bin/newlist listname user at ho.st XXXXXXXX

write your old config over it:
# bin/config_list -i outfile listname

resubscribe your members silently:
# bin/add_members -r outfile2 -w n -a n

Of course you'll have to deal with your digest vs. regular subscribers on
your own.  Most of my lists are either announce-only or low-traffic so all
my members are regular.

Hope this helps! (And I hope there's a better way than all that, but it
works in a pinch)

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Jonathan Garton wrote:

# I have a problem with spaces in my lists email names.  Awhile back I mass
# subscribed a list of email and real names that was exported from another
# list manager program.  The format of export was "name at email.com realname".
# It added these entries to Mailman with the space and realname as the
# email address. However, from the
# admin pages, I can't unsubscribe these names, as apparently Mailman
# doesn't see them as being subscribed.
# I have tried entering the email only, and the email and name in quotes,
# and both return errors from Mailman saying I can't unsubscribe
# nonmemebers.
# Is there another way I can dump these accounts?
# Thanks.

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