[Mailman-Users] semi-virtual domains under exim

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu Dec 11 18:37:14 CET 2003

mailman 2.1.3 under freebsd 4.9-stable with exim-4.24

nigel's faq on mailman, <http://www.exim.org/howto/mailman21.html>
has left me a bit confused regarding semi-virtual domains.

i can not understand how to have lists on the same host (with no
list name collisions) come from different aliases of that host.

in exim, i don't use the full virt domain stuff, but just alias all
the other domains to my main domain using a list kept in

    domainlist local_domains = /usr/local/etc/exim/local.domains

and i have lists of the form

   multi6 at ops.ietf.org
   maxon at psg.com
   mfld at mfld.org

all working on the same host under majordomo and exim4.  in
majordomo's listname.config, i just say

    resend_host = ops.ietf.org

and the OUTGOING MAIL HEADERS all seem to work.

but i can't seem to suss this out with mailman.

i did search the archives, read the faq, ... and found nothing
useful.  this is hard to believe, so i guess i just am searching
poorly.  sorry.

any clues or pointers?


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