[Mailman-Users] Looking for the reverse of a "ban list"

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Fri Dec 12 09:07:11 CET 2003

11-Dec-03 at 16:16, Scott C. Villinski (scott at villinski.com) wrote :
> I'll reply to my own message since I figured out a way to do this.  If 
> you want the reverse of the ban_list (for subscriptions), then what you 
> can do is modify the $prefix/Mailman/MailList.py file, and on line 770 
> (of Mailman v 2.1.3) starts the ban_list processing.  Change the ban=0 
> to ban=1, and replace the original ban=1 with ban=0.  What this does is 
> change the code from blocking a user that matches the pattern to only 
> allowing users that match.  It's a hack - but it seems to work.  When 
> you are done, you should only have made 3 changes (one ban=0 to ban=1, 
> and two ban=1 to ban=0).  I was happy to see how simple it was.  So far 
> I haven't seen any bad side effects of making this change - but maybe 
> somebody will have and idea.

Seems interesting but it will of course break the 'ban list' itself, you
won't be able to ban people. I didn't reply before because I didn't have
time, but this morning I just peeked at the web interface: sender
filters (my web interface is configured in French so that might not be
the exact phrase)

The question I have is what was wrong with "accept_these_nonmembers" in
the first place (since it can take regular expressions it could accept
whole domains) and then allowing only members and those domains in
"accept_these_nonmembers" to post to the list? You have a number of
options on that screen that should already answer your question
("reject_these_nonmembers" "discard_these_nonmembers"


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