[Mailman-Users] Can mailman preprocess mails before doing the usual stuff?

Nagy Gabor linux42 at freemail.c3.hu
Fri Dec 12 12:21:36 CET 2003

Hi list!

I would like to modify the messages I send on my lists.

I would like to recode the text parts, so that all messages sent out use
the same encoding and character set, before doing anything else.

Then I would like to strip the html parts from multipart/alternative
messages, so that only text/plain remains.

Then I would like to put the message in the archive, using something like
mhonarc, so that the attachments are put in separate files.

Then I would like to change the message sent out to the subscribers, so
that instead of the attachments, they receive the URL where they can
retreive the archived attachments, if they want to.

Can this be done? What parts are possible, in what mailman versions?
Are there plans to implement such things?


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