[Mailman-Users] virtual domain complete suppression

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Fri Dec 12 17:45:26 CET 2003

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burton rosenberg wrote:
> I would like that Mailman treat sherman and i-sherman as complete
> synonyms, as aliases.

If I understand you correctly (and I might not, it's still early in my
day and the sugar hasn't kicked in yet), you want mailman to show you
the same lists no matter what URL you visit.  If so, one of the things
you want to look at is the VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW setting, seen in the
Defaults.py file and discussed here just 2 days ago.

If you will be creating lists via the web interface, you probably want
to make sure that mailman always uses the correct URL and domain what
it creates the lists.  I think just not having any additional virtual
hosts defined will achieve this, but you should create a few test
lists to be sure they end up with the settings you want.

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