[Mailman-Users] Can mailman preprocess mails before doing the usualstuff?

= Michael Aivaliotis = michael at mmwis.com
Sat Dec 13 21:51:50 CET 2003

It doesn't look like anything like this is possible. I asked the same
question a while back and got no response. It could be because the question
was posted to the wrong list. It looks like this list is more for support
and getting up and running and not for feature requests or enhancements.

Also, if Mailman had the capabilities you describe then it would actually be
a very powerful application. Too powerful to remain open-source and free.
Look at what's heppening to MySQL. You add power then you ask for money. So,
more features and capabilities mean more resources dedicated to development
which requires financial backing. No-one is going to put money into
something and not get anything in return...

Thank You
Michael Aivaliotis

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> Hi list!
> I would like to modify the messages I send on my lists.
> I would like to recode the text parts, so that all messages sent out use
> the same encoding and character set, before doing anything else.
> Then I would like to strip the html parts from multipart/alternative
> messages, so that only text/plain remains.
> Then I would like to put the message in the archive, using something like
> mhonarc, so that the attachments are put in separate files.
> Then I would like to change the message sent out to the subscribers, so
> that instead of the attachments, they receive the URL where they can
> retreive the archived attachments, if they want to.
> Can this be done? What parts are possible, in what mailman versions?
> Are there plans to implement such things?
> Regards,
> Gabor
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