[Mailman-Users] Installation Problem

Thomas Murphy murphy at thepanemgroup.com
Mon Dec 15 02:38:23 CET 2003


b udhi19 wrote:
> a.check if u have run mailmanctl, if u have not then run it
> it ussualy at /mailman/bin/

yes i started it with "mailmanctl start" - and i've also taken care to 
make a "mailmanctl restart" whenever i changed the configuration.

but i think i just stumbled accross the problem, it was a list with 
moderator confirmation and all the mail went to a catchall account i 
didn't check.
Now i'm still having problems with the aliases, but i'm working on it.
There still is something wrong with postfix, but perhaps it's a postfix 
configuration issue, not mailman one.

but thanks for your help. :)


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