[Mailman-Users] HTML Content-type header mail with Outlook

Juan Pablo Barroso jp.barroso at boacor.com
Mon Dec 15 11:11:05 CET 2003

Hi!, I've a BIG problem with mailman, I've been looking in the archives and
all over the internet but I've not found the solution perhaps you can help
The question is, I've to send true html mails with mailman (if this is or
not correct/moral/good, that's no the question).
So, please, how can I put in the header of the message:  "Content-type:
text/html" instead of "Multipart/Alternative"? If I've to change some code,
no problem, but where? This is very important for me, before I used
majordomo and no problem, but now with mailman I can't send any html
messages, I don't want send html headers/footer, just entire html messages.


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