[Mailman-Users] re-creating list archive - old List-Archive problem

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Wed Dec 17 17:27:25 CET 2003

Todd (Freedom_Lover at pobox.com) wrote:

> That's not too difficult.  Basically, you can use the fix_url.py
> script as an example of how to create a withlist script to change any
> list values you need.  You can also use config_list to export the list
> config to a file and then add or edit the value you need and then
> re-import it using config_list.

I have tried wiht config_list and there was nothing suspicious in non-working

Then I had a flash of light and checked one thing: whether the archive is
public or private (I'm using mailman+htdig patches) and, believe it or not,
all the non-working list had 'public' radio-button checked. By selecting
'private archives', all the lists have correct url.

By de-selecting 'private' and going back to 'public', again all the lists
have wrong url.

I'll try to further investigate this mistery, but maybe someone can drop some
fresh light :-)


gour at mail.inet.hr
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