[Mailman-Users] re-creating list archive - old List-Archive problem

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Wed Dec 17 23:44:30 CET 2003

Todd (Freedom_Lover at pobox.com) wrote:

Hi Todd!

Fortunately I did not bet on Apache :-)

> All right.  I see now.  When you look at the code for
> GetBaseArchiveURL(), you see that it inverts the VIRTUAL_HOST
> dictionary (or is it a list?) and uses emailhost as the key.  So with
> the emailhost the same for all virtual hosts, the inv dictionary only
> has one value for the key 'lists.domain.com' and it will be whichever
> one was returned last in the for loop.  Can you set the virtual hosts
> up more like this?
>     VIRTUAL_HOSTS.clear()
>     add_virtualhost('www.virtualdomain1.com','virtualdomain1.com')
>     add_virtualhost('www.virtualdomain2.com','virtualdomain2.com')
> Then use the fix_url script to update the lists and I *think* that
> will result in the right url getting used for your archives.

YES!! It works. I'd never come to this. Thank you VERY much.

But, can I bet that it's a Mailman bug since I assume that the setup which I
had, should work?


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