[Mailman-Users] broken mails from "Internet Mail Service(5.5.2656.59)"

Łukasz Michalski l.michalski at ant.gliwice.pl
Tue Dec 16 14:09:16 CET 2003

Simon White wrote:

> Yes there IS a way to do it with Outlook. Or Outlook Express. You can
> set Plain Text settings for the outgoing email (Tools, Options, Send
> format) and make sure that it is not encoded at all, or use Base64 or QP
> as you wish, you can specify the character encoding (ISO-8859-2 or
> whatever) and MIME options.

No, there is NO way to do it if Outlook is connected as Exchange client. All 
settings from send format are silently ignored. Registry settings too. Mail 
format depends only on exchange sever settings.
> I wouldn't use Outlook if you paid me, but if you have to use it because
> of corporate policy or masochistic tendancies, then you can tame it a
> little bit to behave in an almost civil fashion.

I don't have to, subscribed users have, and as I wrote above, they cannot 
configure anything in it. They of course don't have access to exchange server 
settings and contacting exchange server admins is useless, so I need another 


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