[Mailman-Users] broken mails from "Internet Mail Service(5.5.2656.59)"

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Thu Dec 18 09:11:04 CET 2003

16-Dec-03 at 14:09, ?ukasz Michalski (l.michalski at ant.gliwice.pl) wrote :
> > Yes there IS a way to do it with Outlook. Or Outlook Express. You can
> > set Plain Text settings for the outgoing email (Tools, Options, Send
> > format) and make sure that it is not encoded at all, or use Base64 or QP
> > as you wish, you can specify the character encoding (ISO-8859-2 or
> > whatever) and MIME options.
> No, there is NO way to do it if Outlook is connected as Exchange client. All 
> settings from send format are silently ignored. Registry settings too. Mail 
> format depends only on exchange sever settings.

I don't run Exchange, thankfully, so I don't know whether this is
changeable client side or not. I will happily take your word for it.

So, you don't have a lot of choice. Exchange is completely broken; this
is just another way that it is broken to add to my list. You can but
adopt the only solution, putting up a web page that explains why
people's email is not readable and linking it at the bottom of your
mailing list footer, for example.


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