[Mailman-Users] Creating html pages in email formats

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Thu Dec 18 14:49:19 CET 2003

18-Dec-03 at 16:35, Navin Kumar (navinkumar at mirage-shipping.com) wrote :
> Creating an HTML page as email format is very easy in the Yahoo and other
> sites. , whereas in the Mailman this option is not seen.
> Kindly advise how we can create html email and send directly instead of an
> attachment.

Yahoo is a web based email service. Mailman is a list manager. The two
do not have too much common functionality.

If you want to write email in HTML format (I'd rather have plain text
but some people can't live without bold and italics because they can't
write proper sentences with emphasis where needed in choice of
vocabulary) then you can do this with any one of a number of email
clients such as Pegasus Mail, Thunderbird, or (dare I say it) Outlook
Express. All of which are free.

If you wish a free product to write email in HTML format, then look at
Open Webmail.



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