[Mailman-Users] Verify that all users receive an email?

darwin at desktopengineer.com darwin at desktopengineer.com
Fri Dec 19 20:09:29 CET 2003

Not really looking for sermons on HTML email here.  100% of my users have
HTML email because they opted in as HTML email and have been receiving it
for quite some time.  It is a long forgotten idea that people don't have
HTML mail capability or don't like HTML email.

I do not have a $prefix/log directory.  Is it because I am on 2.0.13 of
mailman or do I need to enable it somehow?

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19-Dec-03 at 09:25, darwin at desktopengineer.com (darwin at desktopengineer.com)
wrote :
> I imported a list of 8000 users and send an html email to the list.  
> It is a newsletter (announcement only) type list.
> I received an especially low number of banner impressions on this 
> first send and suspect that mailman did not complete properly.

How many of your users are likely to have an HTML email client? How many of
them are running an HTML email client which blocks inline images unless they
specifically ask for them? I know a lot of users who dislike getting HTML
email and especially ad banners. Whatever the email client, javascript will
not work on a high percentage, nor will IFRAMEs which are often filtered as

> How would I find out?  Is there a log?

The mail server has a log, and there are logs in $prefix/logs.

> Also, is the list processed alphabetically?  (thinking of putting 
> zzzz at domain.com on the list to see if it completes).

Don't know.

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