[Mailman-Users] Verify that all users receive an email?

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Mon Dec 22 09:05:25 CET 2003

19-Dec-03 at 14:09, darwin at desktopengineer.com (darwin at desktopengineer.com) wrote :
> Not really looking for sermons on HTML email here.  100% of my users have
> HTML email because they opted in as HTML email and have been receiving it
> for quite some time.  It is a long forgotten idea that people don't have
> HTML mail capability or don't like HTML email.
> I do not have a $prefix/log directory.  Is it because I am on 2.0.13 of
> mailman or do I need to enable it somehow?

> > I received an especially low number of banner impressions on this 
> > first send and suspect that mailman did not complete properly.

Well, if they opted for HTML email, fine. I was giving valid reasons why
even with an HTML client, the banner impressions might be low, depending
on whether or not you use javascript or IFRAME tags to display the
banner, or perhaps load it from a web page. These types of banner
inclusion are insecure and may be rejected by a number of HTML email

Now, my opinion on HTML is my opinion; I wasn't giving you a sermon I
was stating my distaste with it. That's my right. I was also trying to
help you pinpoint avenues of research as to why your HTML email did not
get you a lot of banner impressions. As far as I am concerned, it is not
a "long forgotten" idea that people don't like HTML email, because some
people still don't like it. We may be in the minority now, but that
doesn't mean we're not entitled to our opinions. You may find with spam
and viruses on the increase, that corporate policies start rejecting
HTML email, attachments, images... I send out HTML email myself (the
marketing department can't do anything but HTML, even for those who
specifically request plain text) and see it happening in bounces.

You may have been looking for a way to find out how many emails actually
went out - I gave you the log directory for that. You should have a log
directory, maybe it's hidden somewhere else; you could also check your
mail server logs.


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