[Mailman-Users] worm Sober.c was sent to all users of our mailinglist

Bodo bodo at royalbunker.de
Mon Dec 22 15:04:02 CET 2003


I created an "announce-only" mailing list with every subscriber being 
moderated so that only we could post to the list.

This is the configuration:

Privacy Option -> Sender filters

default_member_moderation = yes
member_moderation_action = reject
generic_nomember_action = reject

Of Course all members are moderated. We use mailman 2.1.1-4 (shipped 
with RedHat 9).

When we send messages to the list we use in the first line

Approved: Password

However, yesterday the new Sober.c Worm was sent four times to all users 
of our list. I have no idea how this could happen, obviously the worm 
was not able to put our password in the first line.

Has anyone any idea what happened? Did anyone have a similar experience?



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