[Mailman-Users] SourceForge donations for the GNU Mailman project

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Dec 22 17:49:58 CET 2003

SourceForge recently instituted a donation system for projects and
users, whereby you can donate some money to a PayPal account to show
your appreciation for the free and open source projects you use. 
Donations to projects require opt-in from all the project's admins.

Jeremy and I have both opted-in to the donation system for the GNU
Mailman project.  I have set the donations email address to the Python
Software Foundation's PayPal account.  This needn't be set in stone, but
we had to pick an address to turn this on and the PSF seemed like a
reasonable choice.  Note that the Python project is accepting donations
for the PSF as well.

GNU Mailman remains free, in both the monetary and liberty senses of the
word.  I personally feel that the good will, help to others, insights,
patches, bug fixes, and general good community that you already donate
is enough reward.  If you feel like making a monetary contribution as
well, please know that the PSF is a US public charity under section
501(c)(3) of the IRS code.  See


for details.

If you have comments or feedback about our choice for the recipient of
donations, or about whether we should be taking donations at all, please
email me directly.

Cheers, and happy holidays,

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