[Mailman-Users] Customized Content/Waive Confirmation emails

Adam Hess adam at vsocan.org
Mon Dec 22 16:16:39 CET 2003


I'm a new user of Mailman (Ver 2.1.2) and after an exhaustive search of the
options and what's on your site I can't figure out how to customize the
content of subscription emails. In other words, I'd like to change all of
the text that gets sent to a subscriber and it seems I can only append text
to that email?

Secondly, is there a way to remove the use of a confirmation email? Our list
is not a discussion based one, it is merely for perioidic announcements.

We haven't launched our email list yet but plan to in the new year. Feel
free to visit our website to find out about Volunary Service Overseas (Don't
know if you've heard of us before).

Thanks again,

Adam Hess

Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
VSO Canada
(613) 234-1364 ext. 244
(613) 234-1444 (Fax)
adam at vsocan.org

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