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gagel at cnc.bc.ca gagel at cnc.bc.ca
Tue Dec 23 20:52:08 CET 2003

The question is simple enough, so I ask it again. Is the sendmail
interface safe from addresses that contain shell meta-characters?

I an unable to determine from the long list of messages or doing a
search in the archives whether or not the problem had been corrected.

The mailman code warns not to use the sendmail but use the smtp method
because sendmail is not secure. postfix users are warning me that
mailman can lead to a compromise if a meta-character is used in the
address. postfix users are also saying this should have been fixed by
now in mailman but I'd like some confirmation.

Anyone familiar with the code care to answer this?

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> On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 16:58, gagel at cnc.bc.ca wrote:
> > I have not had any response to this. Can anyone speak to this at
> > all? 
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> > > Can someone tell me if the mailman 2.1.3 sendmail interface is
> > > safe from addresses that contain shell meta-characters?
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