[Mailman-Users] Mailman drops extension of attachment

Peter A. Solomon psolomon at adelphia.net
Wed Dec 24 02:52:07 CET 2003

> As I recall this is also described in the archives... If my egg-nog
> clouded memory can be relied upon, the limit on the file name is
> somewhat arbitrary and you can easily hack the source so that it does
> not get truncated.
> This was also discussed at length in the archives, and the 
> exact code to
> modify was clearly identified and tested.  I think it was simply one
> line of code.
> It might be easier for you to trace down the renaming in the 
> source code
> and make the mod yourself, than to find the thread in the archives
> (since it was more than a few months ago).
> Good Luck - Jon Carnes

Or he can try searching http://www.mail-archive.com as that goes a good way
back and has search capabilities.


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