[Mailman-Users] domains

Con Wieland cwieland at uci.edu
Wed Dec 24 07:45:39 CET 2003


I have a host running mailman 2.0.13 It is named maillists.my.domain, maillists.xxx.my.domain, and mailman.my.domain. All are FQDN. All my lists appear when accessing any of these domain names.

I have set up a new server running 2.1.3 and I have the same senario with two FQDN maillists.xxx.my.domain  and maillists.my.domain however my lists only show up on one or the other of the FQDN's depending on what I have DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and DEFAULT_URL_HOST set to. How do I see my lists from either hostname?

Con Wieland
UC Irvine

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