[Mailman-Users] no subjects in pipermail archive listing

Guy Antony Halse g.halse at ru.ac.za
Wed Dec 24 11:29:00 CET 2003

It seems that the problem is more interesting that I originally thought. 
What's happening is that arch isn't properly parsing the mbox, and is taking
paragraphs that begin with a capitalised "From" to be be new mail messages 
(ie, it sees the "From" as a mbox From_ line).

The no subject header comes because the messages aren't complete messages,
they're just paragraphs that happen to start with the word "From", for
example "From the Cisco Report ( 20h00 -> 22h00 )[2]".  It only happens if
the "F" is capitalised and "From" is the first word after a blank line.

mutt somehow correctly interprets the "From" as part of the text, not an
mbox From_ line.  I'm presuming that it uses regex to match the envelope.

I'm not sure how lines begining with "From" that aren't From_ lines are
supposed to be quoted, and whether it is mailman or exim (our MTA) that is
supposed to be doing the quoting.

It seems that this only started happening when we upgraded to mailman 2.1.3,
did anything change in the way it handled mboxes?

- Guy
Systems Manager, IT Division, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
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