[Mailman-Users] no subjects in pipermail archive listing

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Wed Dec 24 11:33:00 CET 2003

24-Dec-03 at 12:29, Guy Antony Halse (g.halse at ru.ac.za) wrote :
> It seems that the problem is more interesting that I originally thought. 
> What's happening is that arch isn't properly parsing the mbox, and is taking
> paragraphs that begin with a capitalised "From" to be be new mail messages 
> (ie, it sees the "From" as a mbox From_ line).
> The no subject header comes because the messages aren't complete messages,
> they're just paragraphs that happen to start with the word "From", for
> example "From the Cisco Report ( 20h00 -> 22h00 )[2]".  It only happens if
> the "F" is capitalised and "From" is the first word after a blank line.
> mutt somehow correctly interprets the "From" as part of the text, not an
> mbox From_ line.  I'm presuming that it uses regex to match the envelope.
> I'm not sure how lines begining with "From" that aren't From_ lines are
> supposed to be quoted, and whether it is mailman or exim (our MTA) that is
> supposed to be doing the quoting.

They are supposed to be quoted as


However there should be a way to parse the lines a bit better. The From
lines usually contain a date (should be an RFC formatted date string,
don't remember which RFC) and so on.

Quick workaround : use an external archiver like MHonArc, which works
wonderfully for me, and handles strange character quoting and HTML
messages better than pipermail...

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