[Mailman-Users] MailMan Web Not Taking Changes

Erick Mechler emechler at techometer.net
Sat Dec 27 01:42:45 CET 2003

:: Actually, now that I have looked at it more.  My Servers URL is:
:: http://www.prostream.net/mailman/admin/fma/general
:: However the form port goes to:
:: <form action="http://prostream.net/mailman/admin/fma/general" method="POST">
:: http://prostream.net does redirect correctly, but maybe its loosing the 
:: POST information?  How can i change the post form URL?

Yeah, this is defintely your problem.  You can change the list URL problem 
by using the withlist program in ~mailman/bin/:

  ./withlist -l -r fix_url [listname] -u prostream.net -v

Then you can use the information in Chris's previous post to check that the 
web_page_url setting in the config file has been modified properly.

Cheers - Erick

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