[Mailman-Users] new trouble with existing lists

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sun Dec 28 18:20:04 CET 2003

Read FAQ 3.14

It looks like either your cron daemon is not running (for Mailman
versions 2.0.x and below) - or your mailmanctl daemon is not runing (for
Mailman versions 2.1.x and above).

Jon Carnes

On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 10:29, backdoc wrote:
> 	Problem description:
> I can no longer subscribe to or send mail to my lists.
> 	Here's some detail.
>  From the standpoint of being able to use the mailing lists (subscribe, 
> post messages, etc), the lists had been working for several weeks. 
> Then, spontaneously, all of the normal list server tasks quit working 
> except for the web interface.  Attempting to subscribe to a mailing list 
> results in a page that says a "confirmation has been sent ...".  But, I 
> never receive that confirmation mail.
> I have looked at all of the logs in /mailman/logs to see if I could see 
> any references to my attempts to subscribe to the list.  But, I do not. 
>     /var/log/messages does not show any references to Mailman either.
> My mail server is Postfix.  It seems to operate normally in every way.
> 	Some possible clues:
> I don't really have any strong suspicions that point to a particular 
> culprit.  I don't generally muck around with my server except to keep 
> the installed software up to date via portupgrade.  I don't really 
> remember if the lists not working coorelates to running portupgrade. 
> But, I don't think so.
> Due to the fact that I own 2 domains and the domain name for the box is 
> not the same domain name of the list I have created the lists for, there 
> was a minor issue regarding the wrong URL showing up on the web 
> interface portion of Mailman.  It was showing the box domain name as 
> opposed to the list domain name.  The incorrect URL did not appear to 
> have an adverse affect.  But, it was potentially confusing for users. 
> So, I made a few attempts to correct it by altering the mm_cfg.py file. 
>   In spite of some good suggestions here on the mailman-users list, I 
> never resolved that problem.  Again, I can't associate Mailman breaking 
> with attempts to fix the URL problem.
> 	What additional info can I give you to help you help me?
> That's about all that I can think of to shed light on the problem.  Not 
> seeing anything in the log files, I don't really know how to backtrace 
> the problem?  Even though I don't feel like I broke it by editing the 
> mm_cfg.py file or running portupgrade, I'm sure that I have somehow 
> broken it.
> Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
> TIA,
> Darren
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