[Mailman-Users] NOOB !

Erick Mechler emechler at techometer.net
Mon Dec 29 03:37:11 CET 2003

:: Just installed Mailman, and being such a noob, I can't seem to work out how 
:: to utilise the add_members script correctly.
:: ./add_members user at address.com listname
:: It complains that I haven't used one of the -r or -d options, and that's 
:: where I am not clear as to what filename/paths I should be using.

If you run the add_members command without any arguments, it'll show you

    -r file
        A file containing addresses of the members to be added, one
        address per line.  This list of people become non-digest
        members.  If file is `-', read addresses from stdin.  Note that
        -n/--non-digest-members-file are deprecated synonyms for this option.

    -d file
        Similar to above, but these people become digest members.

So, what you should be doing is something like this:

  echo "user at address.com" | ./add_members -r - listname

:: Could somebody hit me with an appropriately sized 'clue stick' ??  :-)

Consider it done :)

Cheers - Erick

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