[Mailman-Users] NOOB !

Brendan Pratt bpratt at overflow.net.au
Mon Dec 29 05:07:03 CET 2003

At 12:39 PM 29/12/03, Jon Carnes wrote:
>On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 20:37, Brendan Pratt wrote:
> > Just installed Mailman, and being such a noob, I can't seem to work out 
> how
> > to utilise the add_members script correctly.
> >
> > ./add_members user at address.com listname

> > Could somebody hit me with an appropriately sized 'clue stick' ??  :-)

>     add_members [options] listname

>====== Even bigger clue ======
>vi list.txt
>   emailaddress at domain.com
>   another at domain.com
>   ernie at sesame.str.org
>add_members -r list.txt  mylistname
>#adds the three users from list.txt to the mailing list "mylistname".

That did it..... I was trying to put the email address in the command line, 
rather than putting the email address in a text file, and then feeding the 
text file to the script.

Thanks again guys.

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