[Mailman-Users] Second post: Admin/ListInfo problem

Michael Baehr usemike at spamblocked.com
Mon Dec 29 08:21:44 CET 2003

I've already posted once on this problem here:


But I thought I'd make a second post as I've quite narrowed down 
exactly what's occurring (and I appear to have misreported the problem 
as well).

When I go to the listinfo or admin panels, any of the "global links", 
such as "create a new mailing list" and "the mailing list overview 
page", as well as the mailto (send questions and comments to ... ) are 
broken.  My web server runs on port 312 thanks to my ISP's wise 
decision of blocking port 80, so I went through the necessary steps to 
configure Mailman to function properly with this (searching the 
archives for quite a bit certainly helped).  Here's my mm_cfg.py ( host 
changed to foo.com )

MTA = 'Postfix'
IMAGE_LOGOS = '/icons/'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mail.foo.com'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'foo.com'
DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s:312/mailman/'
PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL = 'http://%(hostname)s:312/pipermail/%(listname)s'

When I say "broken", I mean that these links are using the Hosts: line 
passed to them by apache as (hostname) instead of the one specified as 
DEFAULT_URL_HOST.  When I go to the admin/listinfo pages using 
foo.com:312, I get links such as:

mailto:mailman at foo.com:312

Likewise, if I go using, I get:
mailto:mailman at

Links to my lists point correctly, and are obviously using the proper 
base URL.  Likewise, in any list administration/archive/etc.. pages, 
all the links are correctly formed, _except_ for those that point to 
something global, such as "Overview of all mail.foo.com mailing lists".

Is there some way I can make mailman _not_ listen to the Hosts: line 
from Apache (which is what it appears to be doing), and instead use the 
base URLs I have specified?

Thanks for your help, and apologies to those who I confused by my 
earlier post.

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