[Mailman-Users] allowing non members to post to a list

Michael 'keyser' Vettas AOCAB Director keyser at aocab.com
Mon Dec 29 16:31:16 CET 2003

Hi peoples sorry if this is the wrong list i couldnt get the 'listowners' mailing list rego page to work :(

Anyway my question. I have setup various mailing lists all private for various heirarchy levels in my organisation, now my question is this i want one of my lists specifically the Directors list to be a non member list BUT want the ability for non members to send emails to it so all board members receive the email and can reply to it via squirelmail using the directors@ email address instead of creating hundreds of different pop accounts.

So basically

joe at blow.com sends an email to directors at myorg.com which gets sent to director1 at myorg.com , director2 at myorg.com , director3 at myorg.com etc etc without having it bounce to moderator and need approval before its accepted.

So is there a way non members can post to a list but not join a list, reason being directors need the list to send info o each other so haivng people able to join the list isnt what i would want, i also want to setup other generic bounces through cpanel so say public.relations at myorg.com or marketing at myorg.com or whatever can be emailed and it gets sent to directors at myorg.com without it bouncing.

Thanks in advance im sure its possible and im just missing something.

Michael 'keyser' Vettas

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