[Mailman-Users] How to show all members from web?

wildone at for-wild.org wildone at for-wild.org
Tue Dec 30 02:45:27 CET 2003

I'll answer my own previous question first: I don't think
MailMan allows removing all members from the web, from what
I can understand in mailman/Mailman/Cgi/admin.py.

My next question: how do I show all members from the web?!?
It seems if there are more than a few members, MailMan
decides to show only 1, and forces me to click on
"A", etc., to view the rest. Surely there must be an
easier way to get all members? I'm not looking for
an email interface. I manage dozens of lists, and
need to have a way of dumping out all members of each
list in batch mode. I don't mind wading through HTML
output from the web.

Wild Pete

> How can I remove all members of a MailMan mailing list?
> I know about the remove_members and sync_members scripts,
> but I don't have admin permissions, I can only access
> MailMan via CPanel provided by my ISP. The interface is:
> http://mydomain/mailman/admin/mylist_mydomain/members/remove
> Looks like I can give a list of addresses,
> which are passed through the "unsubscribees" variable.
> Is there some way I can remove all members, without having
> to give a long list?
> Wild Pete

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