[Mailman-Users] RE: Welcome Mail and List Mail Text

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Mon Feb 3 05:22:33 CET 2003

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NetInfo wrote:
> How can I go about removing the option/link to post to the mailing list
> from the e-mails?  I had hoped that disabling that option in your settings
> area would automagically remove the option/link on the mails, but it is
> still showing up.

You didn't say which version of mailman you're using.  Since 2.1 speaks many
languages, the location of the file you need to edit is slightly different
than in 2.0.

In Mailman 2.1, you want to edit ~mailman/templates/en/subscribeack.txt and
in 2.0, it's just ~mailman/templates/subscribeack.txt (I think, I don't have
a 2.0 install handy at the moment).

Editing this file will change the message site wide, which sounds like what
you want.  If, however, you need to edit this file for just one particular
list, you would copy subscribeack.txt to ~mailman/lists/<listname>/en in
MM 2.1 and ~mailman/lists/<listname> in MM 2.0.

> I would very much appreciate it if you could explain to me how I can
> accomplish this in 'layman's terms' as I do not understand 'tech-speak'!

I'm not sure if my answer qualifies or not.  I assume that if you've gotten
mailman installed that you'll know how to move around the file-system and
edit text files. ;)


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