[Mailman-Users] Initial Setup Issues

dino dinouk at orange.net
Mon Feb 3 11:10:08 CET 2003

Hi Guys, 

Great product and good list, but...

I had some issues installing 2.1 so on advice from ISP installed the
last stable release before that 2.0.13.

Everything works fine during the setup stage and I can create the list
properly with no issues, and the adding of aliases seems to go OK too.
Once done I can view my list from the web and everything.

However, if a user goes to the web to subscribe they do get the initial
subscribe message, but replying to that doesn't generate the final
confirmationation email. Rather, I, as list admin, seem to get a copy of
their confirmation, and no user is created.

But, manually adding subscribers from the web myself seems to work fine.

Any ideas?



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