[Mailman-Users] Per Virtual domain customizations

df at dune.org df at dune.org
Wed Feb 5 16:01:41 CET 2003


I've been reading Simon's post regarding the possible mailman users > mysql synchronisation.

In a website we develop (www.urbanshadows.com), we propose to our users to subscribe to a mailman mailling list;
We also propose the users to choose beetween a different list of topics.
Those users login/passwd/prefered_topics are stored in a mysql database.

According to one of Simons post i understood their might be a way to synch the users..

Now my question would be, aside adding/deleting users, could we also specify witch topics the users choosed ?
Is there a binary intended to modify mailman's user topic settings ?
Otherwise some file of some sort that could be parsed/edited to modify those settings ?

Final note, i don't know i can ask you this Simon, but do you think you can paste us your script to synch mailman > mysql ..?
(would understand if you prefer to keep it private).

Anyways ,

Best regards.


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