[Mailman-Users] Urgent help required

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Wed Feb 5 16:33:37 CET 2003

05-Feb-03 at 16:26, Martin Timm (martin at placerouge.org) wrote :
> I have installed Postfix 19993112 02 and Mailman 2.1

That's a very old Postfix with a new Mailman.

> Mailman is neither sending any messages outbound nor forwarding mails
> to members. There is also no damon-message coming back. I cannot trace
> the mails as it looks like they are not in any spooling files. It's
> like the are ending up nowhere.

Try to find some ways to trace things. Any mail sending attemps will be
in Postfix logs. Mailman will log things too.

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