[Mailman-Users] Attention Mailman Hosting Sites

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Feb 5 17:06:57 CET 2003

A long while ago, I offered to put up a page listing sites that
offered commercial Mailman list hosting services.  Sadly, I don't have
the time to maintain this or even put it together.

However, there is a MoinMoin page (think: Wiki) listing general Python
hosting services, of which Mailman is included.  I encourage all
Mailman hosting facilities to add entries to the page:


There is currently only one Mailman hosting site listed.

The MoinMoin is on the honor system, and you don't need a password to
add content to it.  If you do add an entry, be sure to include the
word "Mailman" so the page is easy to search.


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