[Mailman-Users] Disabling VERP

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 6 01:11:46 CET 2003

At 23:18 05/02/2003, Tom Maddox wrote:
> > Tom
> >
> > I think there is some confusion here about what is meant by
> > VERP'ed address.
>Evidently, you are correct. :-/
>So, that's not my problem, then, but my problem remains unresolved.  In a
>nutshell, here's what I'm observing:
>Prior to my "upgrade" (oh, bitter irony!) to Mailman 2.1, mail sent via a
>list had the following characteristics:
>From: User Name [user at domain.com]
>To: <listname at domain.com>
>Reply-To:  <list|user> depending on list setting
>Now, the mail looks like:
>From:  listname-bounces at domain.com on behalf of User Name [user at domain.com]
>To: <listname at domain.com>
>Reply-To:  <null>


I'm not that familiar with Outlook but it seems to me that is where the 
problem lies.

Mail I receive from Mailman lists such is the email I am responding to is 
displayed by Eudora (which I am running on Win 2k in Sponsored mode at zero 
cost) with your email address as From because your email address is the 
value of the From header, If I expand the headers, I can see that the 
Return-Path header's value is 
<mailman-users-bounces+r.barrett=openinfo.demon.co.uk at python.org> because 
this (mailman-users) list is using personalized delivery with VERP'ing.

It seems from what you describe that Outlook is determined to display as 
 From some cack-handed combination of the From and the Reply-Path headers. 
The Reply-To:  <null> bit is pure fiction; no Reply-To header in the 
message so Outlook makes one up!!  Is this behaviour by Outlook some sort 
of configurable option?? Or is it just the trolls at Microsoft 
demonstrating their idosyncratic capacity to f*** up anything they turn 
their hand to in an effort to prove that Bill-dom is the future??,

I do not mean to be rude to you but maybe some other subscriber has the 
knowledge to better advise you with this matter. I'm afraid my appetite for 
dealing with Microsoft idosyncracies/arrogance is pretty limited and I get 
enough of it doing user support in my paid job. Hope you find a good solution.



>Additionally, sometimes Outlook will insert the "short description" of the
>list into the To: field when replying, but I'm willing to believe that's a
>bug in Outlook.
>My users don't like the new From: format, and I am trying to get it back to
>the way it was, which seems like such a small and simple thing to do but
>evidently is not.  Also, getting rid of the text attachments in Outlook when
>the footer has a different character set than the message body (also due to
>a new "feature" introduced in 2.1) would be delightful.
>Thanks for your time and patience,

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