[Mailman-Users] remove_members without notification?

Sebastian Talmon sebastian at talmon.net
Thu Feb 6 16:58:55 CET 2003

Hello Warren Woodward, 

> One of our hosted lists has ~5500 members, and 
> the list admin needs to upload a whole new, audited list of addresses.  
> Seeing as most of the members will be readded immediately, we'd like to 
> avoid the confusion of having them all sent unsubscription notices.

maybe sync_members (in the bin/-directory) is a good tool to try...

I by myself had not used it till now, but the description sounds good:


Synchronize a mailing list's membership with a flat file.

This script is useful if you have a Mailman mailing list and a sendmail
:include: style list of addresses (also as is used in Majordomo).  For every
address in the file that does not appear in the mailing list, the address is
added.  For every address in the mailing list that does not appear in the
file, the address is removed.  Other options control what happens when an
address is added or removed.



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