[Mailman-Users] foamembers

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Fri Feb 7 08:53:54 CET 2003

No problem.

Login to the server and cd on over to ~mailman/lists/..
Then  rm -rf  <listname>

Once you remove the list directory and it's contents (the config.pck file)
then the list will no longer exist...  There is an FAQ about this (and it
tells you how to get rid of the Archives as well).

To get the subscribes that were previously sent, look in:  ~mailman/logs/..
You will find a subscribe log that has a wealth of info that you can use!

Happy Hunting! - Jon Carnes
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While trying to create Mailman list foamembers at list.friendsofanimals.org, I
there was a problem when I attempted to mass subscribe members.  I deleted
the list, but a welcome message was sent out, and replies received.  I
cannot access the replies, because the list doesn't exist, and I can't
recreate the list under the same name because I get an error message stating
the list is still on the server.

Any suggestions?

Bob Orabona
foamembers at friendsofanimals.org
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