[Mailman-Users] Mass Subscriptions -- HELP

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Fri Feb 7 16:21:32 CET 2003

>>>>> "WH" == Warren Hoffman <warren at whoffman.com> writes:

WH> 1. We're migrating ~1500 users from Lyris - and half of them have digest 
WH> specified. We have two files of subscribers - one with digest subscribers 

Make sure your lyris export script skips over unsubscribed members...
I almost had a fiasco with that ;-)

WH> 2. We'd like to import real names for each user (which we have - in the 
WH> files we extract from the old system). Is there a way to do this?

Here's the script I used to export my lyris lists.  None were using
digests, so I didn't separate the lists.  The import will fail if the
real name contains commas, so just scan for that and fix those up
before importing.  Mailman parses the names and addresses quite well.

--cut here--

use lib '/opt/lyris/apache/lib';
require 'lyrislib.pl';

unless ($ARGV[0]) { die "syntax:\nperl activemembers.pl listname\n"; }

my @Members = &lyris::MemberFromList($ARGV[0]);

foreach (@Members) {
        my %m = &lyris::MemberAttribs($_);
        if ($m{MemberType} eq 'normal') {
                print "$m{FullName} <$m{EmailAddr}>\n";
--cut here--

I'm sure you can test the member record for digest or not and select
each category appropriately.

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