[Mailman-Users] Trouble w/MM & Postfix

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Fri Feb 7 18:35:36 CET 2003

07-Feb-03 at 09:29, Ted Dively (ted at groupd.com) wrote :
> In any case, it all seems to run fine, permissions seem okay, and  
> everything, except that mail destined for subscribers never gets to  
> them. For instance, if I subscribe to a list via the browser interface,  
> it says a confirmation is on the way, but it never arrives. If I  
> directly subscribe someone from the admin interface, it says they're  
> good to go, but again, no confirmation e-mail ever gets to the  
> subscriber. The messages don't bounce, but rather, they seem to  
> disappear down a rat hole. I'm not sure which logs to examine,  
> otherwise I'd have already done so. When I SSH into the box via a  
> terminal, and look at the "pending.pck" file for the list in question,  
> this is its contents:

Well... the usual thing to do is check if mailmanctl is running... if
it isn't, then you must start it for things to start being delivered...

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