[Mailman-Users] [Subscribed members vanished]Looks to be simpleProblem, though Strange]

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sat Feb 8 08:31:42 CET 2003

Interesting... which three members are subscribed?
   robert.faulkner at domain.com
   roz.sutton at domain.com
   claire.paszkiewicz at domain.com

These are the last three.  If they are subscribed and not the earlier folks
then you might have deleted the list and re-made it - thus the deleting of
members would not show up.  Another thought is that the config.db.last got
copied over the config.db thus wiping out any modifications done in one

Do you have any backup/restores that might have taken place between 1600
hours and 1900 hours on Jan 23rd?

Without evidence to the contrary (like log entries of problems or a recent
upgrade of Python on the system), I would suspect human intervention of some
kind.  I ran 2.0.8 at one of my sites for quite a long time and never saw
any problems. Heck I even upgraded Python on one of my 2.0.8 sites without
re-installing Mailman and it still ran like a champ!

Take care and good Luck!

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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] [Subscribed members vanished]Looks to be
simpleProblem, though Strange]

Can you reproduce this?  Are the users that 'vanished' similiar in some way?
What version of mailman are you using?

>From the look of the timestamp in the subscribe log, the first group was
added all together, then the rest of the addresses were added seperate.  Was
the same process followed for each of them (for example, did you add all
them from the web page or from command line)?

* Ganeshh (ganeshh at lateralsoftware.com) wrote:
> Yes , Absolutely!
> What alarms me is that, i dont "del" stamp in the
> /home/mailman/logs/subscribe file.
> Can you tell me why? rather i want to ensure , was the file with entries
> would have been purposely deleted
> Warm Regards
> Ganeshh
> Matthew Davis wrote:
> >Not sure if I'm following you.  Are you saying that users ghh@ user1@
> >paul_r@ bosco@ quality@ claus@ robert.faulkner@ roz.sutton@ and
> >claire.paszkiewicz@ (what a name...) are not on your list anymore?
> >
> >* Ganeshh (ganeshh at lateralsoftware.com) wrote:
> >
> >>Dear Lists
> >>
> >>I am running 30 lists on mailman 2.0.8 and out of which 20 to 25 of them
> >>are really active. The mailing system is working fine , but i like to
> >>share with
> >>you a strange behaviour with mailman, or maybe i dunno it could an human
> >>error.
> >>
> >>I added my 31st list on 23rd January and please find the below log, as
> >>it routine exercise of creating lists and mass subscribing the members,
> >>i didnt check the list members status on a daily level. To my surprise
> >>of out 9 members subscribed, only 3 of them exist.
> >>
> >>Log data for /home/mailman/logs/subscribe file
> >>
> >>Jan 23 16:27:19 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new ghh at domain.com
> >>Jan 23 16:27:19 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new user1 at domain.com
> >>Jan 23 16:27:19 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new paul_r at domain.com
> >>Jan 23 16:27:20 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new bosco at domain.com
> >>Jan 23 16:27:20 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new quality at domain.com
> >>Jan 23 16:27:20 2003 (29002) ow-ti: new claus at domain.com
> >>Jan 23 16:39:56 2003 (29838) ow-ti: pending roz.sutton at domain.com
> >>
> >>Jan 23 16:41:03 2003 (29913) ow-ti: pending
claire.paszkiewicz at domain.com
> >>
> >>Jan 23 16:42:23 2003 (29989) ow-ti: pending robert.faulkner at domain.com
> >>
> >>Jan 23 19:25:01 2003 (6969) ow-ti: new robert.faulkner at domain.com
> >>Jan 23 20:43:01 2003 (9498) ow-ti: new roz.sutton at domain.com
> >>Jan 29 17:58:02 2003 (16885) ow-ti: new claire.paszkiewicz at domain.com

Matthew Davis

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