[Mailman-Users] bin/newlist -> ImportError: No module named None

Matthias Juchem lists at konfido.de
Sat Feb 8 16:58:41 CET 2003

On Saturday, 8. February 2003 05:20, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "MJ" == Matthias Juchem <lists at konfido.de> writes:
>     MJ> When doing a bin/newlist, I get an 'ImportError: No module
>     MJ> named None'.
> Did you set the MTA variable in mm_cfg.py or Defaults.py?

Well, I've set it according to this sentence in the description:

# [..] Some MTAs like Exim can be
# configured to automatically recognize new lists, in which case the MTA
# variable should be set to None.[..]

So mm_cfg.py says:

MTA = 'None'


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